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Electrocardiogram Test

An ECG is a test that is supposed to record the electrical acitivity of the heart. Yes, our heart produces some tiny electrical impulses which spread through the heart muscle to make the heart contract. These impulses are detectable by the ECG machine. You may at times have an ECG in order to help and find the cause of symptoms such as the feeling of a thumping heart(palpitations) or even chest pain. Sometimes, it is done as a part of routine tests - for instance, before you have any operations

As fas the ECG test is concertned, it is painless and harmless. The machine recored every electrical impulses coming from your body and does not put any electricity into your body

Major Type of ECG Tess

There are many different types and parcel of ECG test and today let us have a look at some of them

The Resting ECG
If you at any point of time considers that the doctor is interested in how your heart is actually working while you are at rest, you will always be asked to indeed lie down and relax while the heartbeat is being completely recorded
The Exercise ECG
This another type of test which your doctor may be interested in how you heart actually reacts to all the various activities and you will be asked to walk or even run on a treadmill or on cycle on an exercise bike while your heartbeat is completely recorded
The 24-hour ECG
It is said that sometimes it can be really very helpful in order to monitor your heartbeat throughout the day, in which the case you will be asked to wear a small and tiny electrocardiograph machine. The recordings of this particular machine are then translated and read by your doctor when you return the machine

E.C.G. Machine
Twelve - Channel

12-channel machines, most advanced ECG machines till date,simultaneously acquire and display all 12 leads at any time. BPL's offerings in 12-channel ECGs include Cardiart 9108, Cardioline ar2100view and Cardioline 200+, equiped with Glasgow Algorithm.